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Leitura de notícias on-line


Date of last update: August 21, 2023.

Dear customers, 


We are contacting you today to announce the availability of the platform developed for all of you to send us the required documentation, so we can start the process of claiming the amounts. 


The email at your disposal will be that of FXWinning's legal department, who are, in turn, the ones who coordinate with the contracted law firm. At the moment, given the large flow of information, the complexity of the cases, and the large number of emails expected, the firm prefers that FXWinning's legal area receives all the documentation and emails directly. Once we receive all the documents and are about to start the process, the contracted law firm will take the lead, give you their contact information, and you will be able to communicate with them directly. 


Once again we would like to reiterate our apologies for the length of this information request process, which is to be a precursor to the execution of the claim process.


On the other hand, the documents to be uploaded via are as follows:

- Passport (scanned, not photographed, high quality).

- Identity card of the country in which they reside.

- LPOA that you have signed



Kind regards,


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